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Home Insurance

Medicare and Medicaid do not equal Quality Care! Learn How to Protect your Loved Ones with Long Term Care Insurance

What if I never need care? That's actually a very good thing as we don't really want a house fire to get our money's worth out of our homeowner's premium :-) These plans do have a return of premium option for quite a bit more money which you can see on the options page. To really show you the value of long-term care insurance, please look at the example on p. 42 and 43 of my newest book, The ABC's of Long-Term Care Insurance. If I plug your premium into that formula, you could pay $3200 a year for 30 years and spend $96,000. Your benefits in 30 years will be $24,000 a month with Prudential or United of Omaha and your benefit pool will be $1.4 million. MedAmerica will be $18,000 all cash and a $1,000,000 cash benefit account. Either way, if you didn't have a claim until then, you would get all of your premium back in less than six months.
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