Quality Versus Cheap Clothing
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Quality Versus Cheap Clothing

In such a tough economic climate, people are looking to beat the recession by spending thriftily and saving their pennies by cutting corners. In terms of buying food and necessities, many are looking to the basic ranges and cheap deals to try and cut down on big bills. In response, large well-known food superstores are tapping into the market and offering low priced meal deals and bargain basic goods. After all, by adding a few key spices and the odd extra herb you can turn lower quality goods into a fantastic meal.

Although this might be good for food, these kind of cut backs don`t always work out for the best with other items. For instance, clothing is the kind of good that although cheap items may tempt you, paying less doesn`t always save you money in the long term. By buying low-quality products for staple wardrobe must-haves such as jeans and coats you get what you pay for; low quality jeans and coats. For items that you have to wear so much on a day to day basis, it is worth paying the extra money for goods that are going to really last. The worst thing is spending a bit of money on a pair of jeans and then them getting a hole in them or wearing away over a few months. By paying a little bit extra for quality jeans in the first place you may actually save money by preventing having to repeatedly buy jeans every few months and also save yourself the hassle of having to go out and find a pair that is the perfect fit.

Not only are the fabrics less reliable and durable, but often these kinds of inexpensive items look incredibly cheap and sometimes even un-stylish. Although being in fashion may not be your prerogative, a good pair of well-fitting trousers can make you look slimmer and give you a classic silhouette, as well as being a staple part of your wardrobe. Similarly, buying one great T-shirt is often better than buying a few cheaper ones which won`t be as cool or wearable. It`s also worth bearing in mind that cheaper fabrics tend to hang differently on the body and aren`t as flattering. As if that all weren`t enough, it is important to consider the ethical problem with buying cheap clothes as they are often mass-produced in countries were the sewers and tailors are incredibly under-paid and work in terrible conditions.

Although cheap clothing may appeal to your bank balances, it is worth thinking about the money you could save by paying a bit extra in the first place to ensure you have ethical, well-fitting and top-quality pieces. With brands like Hurley clothing offering top-notch fashionable items at relatively inexpensive prices, the credit crunch doesn`t have to mean you settle for less than the clothing you want.
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