Delicious Diet
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Delicious Diet

New Year, New You at!

Weight Loss Foods from a Skeptic

I was recently offered an opportunity to test the mydietshopz diet foods and snacks program. I was very skeptical about whether any diet program would have any effect. I envisioned bland tasting products that only worked if you cut back on meals and exercised heavily, which is what you should do anyway. Any diet would work if you ate lightly and stay active. I was in for a pleasant surprise.

When I first bit into one of Diet Health and Sports Inc. (mydietshopz) Health Bars I was astonished to find that it was absolutely delicious. I mean mouth watering, more than just plain good tasting delicious.

How could a "diet food" taste so good and actually work to reduce your weight?

Then I noticed something I don't usually find when I snack on something else. I did not have a craving for more and more....I was actually satisfied.

The next time I felt a need for a snack I tried one of the other snack bars in their Snacks Program I was given to try. Although it was equally delicious, it had the same effect of satisfying my craving after one bar. This same experience occurred each time I felt like a snack. Usually I snack in the evening, well after dinner and while either watching TV, using the computer or playing cards with my wife. The only thing that changed in this process was the amount of snacks I ingested. Just one snack was enough to satisfy that yearning.

A few days later I noticed something else that surprised me, I had actually lost a few pounds. When I first decided to try this program I needed to lose a few pounds, not much, just wanted to keep my weight below a certain point. I had recently gained some weight that was getting me closer to that point that I did not want to be. This small addition to my diet allowed me to meet that goal and the snacks actually tasted good at the same time.

I just started using the products that were given me, so watch this page as I report on my progress. I can't wait to try their Pudding and Smoothies.

So far it seems that I didn't have to feel guilty about snacking on something that appealed to me. Wow! - Bill Boyer

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